Wellness at home is suitable for both relaxing and pampering your body for a day. Here are some simple tips and recipes, from face masks to foot baths.

Surely you spend less time than you would need. The daily stress makes you arrive at the weekend exhausted and with little desire for anything. However, if you treat yourself to a wellness day and dedicate yourself to pampering yourself, you will see that you will feel good and revitalized. How about you reserve at least one day a month for yourself? What if every day you have a little time to take care of your body and your soul?

You don’t have to go to an expensive establishment where they offer sophisticated treatments. In the privacy of your own home you can make the most effective with simple and natural products. We show you how.


You can wear a mask even if your skin is perfectly healthy. You will only need a little quark cheese and honey. Take two tablespoons of quark and one of honey, stir well and apply on a clean and dry face, avoiding the eye and lip contour. Let stand 20 minutes and remove with plenty of warm water.

Clay is also great for relaxing stressed facial skin. Contains minerals that are good for the dermis, revives color, improves texture and brings light to the face. There are many different types of clays, ask your herbalist or dietician about which one is the best for your skin type.

To use, simply stir 1-2 tablespoons of clay with enough water to form a spreadable paste. Distribute it evenly on the face, clean and dry, avoiding the eyes, and the contour of the lips and let it dry.

The clay will absorb dirt and impurities like a sponge. As an aftercare for the mask, spread a few drops of jojoba or sweet almond oil on the skin.


mask with avocado, lemon and olive oil is very easy to do and will look good on your hair, especially if it is fragile or brittle.

Simply mash the pulp of an avocado, add a little olive oil and lemon juice and mix everything well. Let it work for at least half an hour and then wash your hair as usual.


Does the experience of wellness at home start with your morning coffee? Great, after you drink it, set aside three tablespoons of coffee grounds and let them cool. They will become the ideal base for a homemade peel.

Add three tablespoons of almond oil to the grounds (you can also use olive or flaxseed oil), stir well and rub the parts of the body you want to exfoliate with gentle circular movements. Rinse with lukewarm water and skin feels like new. Then put on a good moisturizing cream or lotion


The hands are always in action and, often, we do not give them a minimum care. Dry or chapped hands will be happy to be pampered with water and honey. Put a little warm water in a bowl where your hands can fit and add 1-2 tablespoons of honey, which has disinfectant and nourishing properties.

Let your hands sit in the mixture for 10 minutes and then rinse them with clean water. Honey water is also excellent for taking care of the delicate skin of the décolleté.


Taking a wellness bath every now and then is good for the body and soul. It is wonderfully relaxing and, with the right additives, it also nourishes the skin. You can turn your bathroom into a wellness spa with just a few ingredients: a cup of buttermilk, 1-2 tablespoons of honey, and a drizzle of olive oil are enough.

Scented candles can help turn your bathroom into an oasis of well-being. The scent of lavender has a calming effect, for example, and relaxes both the body and the mind. Lemon, on the other hand, refreshes and invigorates.


If you want to give your feet a true freshness cure, take some sprigs of rosemary, place them in a basin and pour hot water over them.

When the water is at a comfortable temperature, put your feet at least up to the ankles and enjoy the stimulation that the bath provides. Then, massage them with a creamy cream to deeply nourish them.


In addition to all kinds of relaxing beauty treatments, you can also promote your well-being from within. Drink light, vitamin-rich juices, plenty of water, or even a homemade lemonade sweetened with stevia or xylitol.

For real vitamin bombs, you can make yourself a good smoothie. It doesn’t matter if you only mix seasonal fruits or if you prefer the green version with spinach. These types of drinks will give you energy and well-being.


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